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Helping people to step onto the housing ladder.

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Building Homes For Londoners

Creating great living spaces in all parts of London for affordable renting allows our tenants to save for a deposit towards the purchase of their own home.

Designed for middle-income London residents or workers, we provide a guaranteed tenancy giving stability for a minimum of three years – but this can be extended for up to ten years.

Rents are below market rates so that the tenants are supported to make a regular monthly saving towards their deposit. At the end of the tenancy, they have the option to buy the accommodation they have been living in or to use their savings as a deposit on a different property of their choice.

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Your First Step Towards Buying Your Own Home

Saving for a deposit on your own home is difficult if you are juggling high rents to landlords as well as the everyday costs of living in London. Moving out of London may reduce your housing costs but then you have the increased costs of a commute into London to your job. A longer commute steals time away from your family and friends.

Quality of living within a familiar local community and a shorter commute to work can be achieved with London Living Rent Ltd.

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Share Our Vision?

Would you join with us in our programme to enable Londoners to live in decent accommodation while they move in the direction of buying their own homes. You can become involved in two ways: if you have suitable land to sell or if you are interested to partner with us.

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Buying Land

We actively look for land on which to build this intermediate affordable housing.

Local authorities may have land that can be considered for housing schemes if it contributes to the affordable housing needs in their local communities. London Living Rent Ltd are keen to assess any land that might be considered suitable for this purpose.

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If you are a private landowner with a plot of land to sell, we have the expertise to review the viability of building different schemes and we offer a fair market price.

Selling your plot of land to London Living Rent Ltd will remove the difficulties usually experienced with applying for planning permissions and finding a buyer. Find out the ways in which we can smooth the process and help you achieve the sale.

Selling Your Plot Of Land

Partner With Us

London Living Rent Ltd welcome the prospect of establishing new partners in our housing enterprise.

Already working with a range of partners, we are currently exploring opportunities to collaborate with the Local Authorities in London Boroughs on a more sustained basis. Our property development and construction experience can mean a Local Authority does not need to rely on in-house capabilities, whilst gaining the affordable housing needed within their area.

Local Authority Collaboration

We also have a number of investors who support our concept but we as we expand, we are looking for new investors.

If you have money to invest, there are two ways you can partner with us:

  • Provide equity or commercial loan for a fixed rate of return
  • Establish a Joint venture with us on a project and take a share of the profit

If you are interested to invest in one of our schemes, we welcome the opportunity to explore these different options with you.

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Helping people to step onto the housing ladder.

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