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Helping people to step onto the housing ladder.

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The developments created by London Living Rent Ltd will provide many benefits for the local community as well as a healthy return on investment for our finance partners.

We look for finance partners who share the same vision and this is the key to our long-term strategy.

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Ethical Investment

If you are investing on behalf of clients, this is an opportunity to offer an ethical investment. Socially responsible investing with London Living Rent Ltd will make a positive impact in London while at the same time creating a return on investment.

It is interesting to observe that the investment bank, Morgan Stanley, issued a report in September 2020 showing that investing in socially responsible companies is more profitable than investing in traditional companies. Their Head of Global Sustainable Finance was recently quoted as saying “This reinforces the value of sustainable investing and further dispels the myth that investors seeking to drive positive environmental and/or social impact must accept a financial trade-off”.

Equity Investment

The Mayor of London is committed to a long-term strategic aim of half of all new homes in London being affordable. This creates a sustainable opportunity to invest equity into schemes that meet the criteria and London Living Rent is one of three schemes available.

Choosing to invest with London Living Rent Ltd, will enable you join with an experienced team that can deliver a healthy return on your investment.

Joint Venture

Discover the prospects for a Joint Venture where you will receive a favourable return on your investment and at the same time be actively supporting our vision. Taking advantage of our specialist expertise you will be able to achieve a good percentage return on GDV.

Whether you are a landowner or an investor, explore the opportunities of a Joint Venture.