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Working with London Boroughs

It is all about planning for the right homes in the right places, building more homes more quickly by utilising the skills of medium sized construction companies, and creating the diversity of housing required within each London Borough.

The government has set the challenge to Local Authorities to be ambitious and innovative in their schemes to build more housing. London Living Rent Ltd can collaborate with London Boroughs to provide new intermediate affordable housing within their boundaries, focusing on the needs of key workers.

Our concept is to:

  • Utilise smaller plots of land
  • Build between 10 and 100 units in each scheme
  • Achieve our target to create 10,000 units over the next 10 years
  • Make a valuable contribution to the housing needs in London

Working with a Local Authority and supporting their plans for the housing requirements in their area, we can create high quality rented accommodation in each of our schemes that will provide 100% affordable housing for local residents.

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