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Helping people to step onto the housing ladder.

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Our philosophy is based on the principle that everyone in London should have access to a decent home in which to live and bring up their children. Sadly, the reality is that with ever increasing house prices and the lack of affordable homes to rent, many are forced to move out of London and commute into the capital each day for their work.

Lukasz Kisiel, founder of Kisiel Group, recognises that in recent years there has not been enough new and affordable homes built to meet the needs of Londoners. As an experienced housing developer and Managing Director of a construction company, Lukasz has seen first-hand both the limited access to land in the right places and the difficulties in obtaining prompt planning permission on developments.

So, Lukasz has created London Living Rent Ltd with the objective to change things in London for key workers and those who want to stay in the communities in which they grew up. He is supporting the Mayor of London’s long-term strategy and vision of building ‘a city for all Londoners so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities that London has to offer’.

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